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“We can learn all the sales techniques in the world… but unless our mindset is correct we will fail as coaches."

Keith BarryEMCC 2019

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) hosted their 25th annual conference at there Dublin Convention Centre in 2019. The opening keynote was delivered by Keith Barry.

Most people know him as an entertainer, a magician and a mentalist but what a lot of people don’t know is that he’s a hypnotherapist and a scientist, graduating with a first class honour degree in cosmetic science from Galway University. He’s a subconscious mind specialist and helps people reprogram their mind for performance.


Coaching for Performance in Business and Sport

At this moment Keith works as a life coach, executive coach, performance coach and a mentor to business people and high-end athletes. Because of confidentiality we rarely hear about those clients. But one of those clients is Rory Best, who he has been coaching for performance. Although Roy Best is about to retire from professional rugby, has recorded his best season in terms of player statistics and performance.

Mind Magic was the title of the keynote Keith Barry delivered at the EMCC Conference in the Convention Centre in Dublin 2019.


Part of Keith Barry’s presentation at the EMCC Conference was that people will make active change today. “Very often after I speak at an event like this I get some amazing emails from people whose businesses have skyrocketed just from a moment either at one my my talks, or Paula’s talks, but there is a moment that happens – something clicks with them – and then ultimately it completely changes their life. And that’s what this is all about for me”.

Confidence is still a big problem…

Keith also highlighted some unexpected similarities between business and sports clients.

“The number one thing I come across in all fields, even with high-end athletes, successful business people is, most people suffer hugely behind the scenes with confidence.”

Ultimately those type of people suffer from the same kind of insecurities we do and for me it’s about how to not fake confidence but actually grow as a person, grow that confidence to actually become the person or performer that you really want to be.”

“We are pattern followers and pattern seekers, and we are far more alike than we are different”

“I teach people to break destructive behaviour patterns and then form new behaviour patterns that ultimately leads them to success.”

When asked about wellbeing Keith commented on the importance of the space, but also had a word of caution. “There is a lot of talk going on about wellbeing … but I don’t see too many people coming in with solutions”. “We have to teach people systems.”

“I always say as a hypnotherapist, I don’t hypnotise people to do certain things, I teach them to self hypnotise and reprogram their own subconscious mind. So it’s really an education more than anything else.”

As a life coach, executive coach or mentor, there was a huge amount to be learned from this entertaining keynote.


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